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Medical Treatment for Victims of Personal Injury Accidents

Our highly-trained specialists can diagnose and treat various personal injuries, such as: car accidents, slip-and-falls, dog bites, and more. Get specialized treatment for your injuries and start recovering today.


We specialize in medical treatment for individuals hurt in car accidents, slip-and-falls, or other personal injuries

When you’re struggling with rising medical expenses and lost wages, it could seem impossible to focus on healing. We provide advanced medical treatments to help you recover quickly after an accident.

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Our medical team will provide the best treatment with the latest technology to help you recover after an accident.

- Dr. Kelly

head pain

Head Pain

Headaches or specific head injury pain can be a serious sign that you have suffered a concussion. Your head pain could also mean you are suffering from stress or tension headaches secondary to neck trauma. Either way, get it checked out by one of our Injury Specialists. Proper diagnosis is very important for proper treatment and elimination of the cause.
neck pain

Neck Pain

In traumatic injuries such as car accidents, motorcycle or slip and falls, whiplash injuries or Cervical Spinal Injuries are very common. Neck pain can be a sign that delicate nerve, artery or muscle tissue, even spinal cord anatomy, may be injured. Our Physicians are highly trained and experienced to diagnose your neck injury perfectly using all advanced technology for proper diagnosis. Treatment can then be administered properly for the best outcomes.
neck pain

Shoulder Pain

Many of us experience Shoulder Pain right after an Accident or Injury. Whether it is a slip and fall at work, or a Car Accident from holding on to the steering wheel too tightly, it is usually a sign of a Rotator Cuff Tear/ Injury or could be a secondary pain that is referred from the Cervical Spine. Either way, it is very important to get checked out from a professional and properly diagnosed for perfect care and rehabilitation.
elbow pain

Elbow Pain

In injury cases such as elbows, it is important to properly diagnose where the elbow pain is coming from. It could be Lateral, (aka Tennis Elbow) or Medially found, (aka Golfer’s Elbow), but often there can be a third component whereby there is injury to a specific nerve such as the Ulnar nerve or “Funny Bone”; Radial Nerve, or “Wrist Drop” and finally Medial Nerve Injury or “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”
Wrist pain

Wrist Pain

There are only a few reasons why you will have wrist pain but they are important to properly diagnose, especially after trauma. This is true especially, if you fractured a small carpal bone and need to be immobilized, you need to find the right Health Care Professional that can not only properly diagnose your condition, but understand what to do once you are diagnosed correctly.
hand pain

Hand and Finger Pain

Hand pain can be caused by a number of different reasons. If it is due to trauma, it will usually be strained muscles in the hand, pulled tendons causing tendonitis, bone fractures or ligamentous disruption. Injuries to the hands are important to diagnose quickly and accurately. Once accurately diagnosed, our proficient Physicians will place you on the very best and most accurate hand treatment needed, for the best outcome! You do not want long term problems with your hands, especially if you are a part time musician.
chest pain

Chest Pain

It isn’t often that someone will injure their chest but it does happen! We have had many patients with injuries over the years to the chest area so we know how to rehabilitate and treat these kind of injuries and they are not easy to care for. Often, it is the sternum directly that is injured making it difficult to breath with often many times, secondary effects to the ribs. You need a skilled, licensed and certified Physician who understands injuries to this area, we have just that.
rib pain

Rib Pain

It isn’t often that someone will injure their chest but it does happen! We have had many patients with injuries over the years to the chest area so we know how to rehabilitate and treat these kind of injuries and they are not easy to care for. Often, it is the sternum directly that is injured making it difficult to breath with often many times, secondary effects to the ribs. You need a skilled, licensed and certified Physician who understands injuries to this area, we have just that.
abdomen and groin pain

Abdomen and Groin Pain

Each year in Wisconsin alone, there are 100’s of individuals who suffer either a work related lifting injury, or a car accident, where the groin area is injured severely by an inguinal or abdominal hernia, or the patient rips or pulls stomach muscle tissue causing severe agonizing constant pain. This is a devastating injury that takes a skilled licensed and certified Health Care Practitioner who has wisdom and knowledge with these type injuries.
back pain

Mid-Back Pain

Not very often, but often enough, someone will come to our center with mid-back pain. This is usually always from a slip and fall or similar injury where there is a direct contusion to the area from blunt force trauma. Our Physicians know exactly what to look for and how to properly diagnose and treat this. It is important that it is diagnosed accurately so be sure to call us first.
lower back pain

Low Back Pain

One of the most common injuries in the worker’s compensation arena is Lower Back Injuries. Further, one of the top injuries in a car accident, is also Low Back injury. Lower back injuries plague our society and so it makes sense for us to be the VERY BEST in the industry in treating these injuries perfectly! Whether it is sophisticated Computerized Spinal Decompression, 15WATT High Level and Low Level Lasers or specific CMT procedures, (Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy), we have all the tricks specifically and purposely for Low Back Injuries.
hip pain

Hip Pain

Hip pain is often misconstrued for Sacroiliac Joint Pain. But “true” hip pain, if properly diagnosed, can be correctly treated as long as it is diagnosed properly and immediately. Although rare, hip pain is often related from injury, to a severe pelvic misalignment which can be corrected without surgery. We have treated 100’s of these type injuries and it is difficult to spot unless accurate testing measures are performed. Allow us to be your key to happiness and joy ridding you of this pain. We know “exactly” what to do to help you with this.
knee pain

Knee Pain

We have had many, MANY individuals over the years, come to us with Knee Pain due to trauma. This can easily occur with car accidents upon collision impact. Immediately, your body is thrust forward and the right or left knee jams into the dash board. There is usually moderate trauma producing severity of pain either from inuring the meniscus, patella or knee cap and or finally, hair line fractures within the Tibial Plateau or the knee joint. Regardless of what it is, or where the pain is coming from, our Doctors know how to properly diagnose the injury and then properly and accurately treat the condition. This is vitally important, so do not just trust anyone, trust only ACCIDENT and INJURY REHAB CENTER Doctor’s.
ankle pain

Ankle Pain

Injuries to the ankle are often misdiagnosed for benign problems. But more often than usual, they are misdiagnosed after a traumatic experience. Patients will present themselves with ongoing pain that is constant and they have intermittent clicking in the joint after certain work injuries or even a car accident. This is a sign that one of your “Tarsal Bones” in the ankle joint is misaligned or misplaced. If not properly treated, this will continue until early arthritic changes succumb the ankle joint and give rise to chronic and severe pain. Even ligamentous injuries must be looked at carefully and treated properly or surgery may be needed down the road if not properly cared for.
foot and toe pain

Foot and Toe Pain

Foot pain and even toe pain, can be deceiving, especially after a traumatic experience. It can certainly be as severe as a “fallen arch” creating severe plantar fasciitis or stress fractures from a prolonged standing position at work, repetitive foot work with a sewing machine operation of a fork lift, or a car accident where the foot goes to the floor board. What ever the cause is, it needs to be properly diagnosed and then more importantly, treated accurately and perfectly to put back into place where it was before. Our Doctors know how to properly diagnose your condition and then accurately treat these type injuries that can be very tricky.
foot and toe pain

Arm and Leg Pain or Numbness

When an injury happens, it can have long lasting effects that go well beyond just the initial trauma OR injury. It can go years afterwards. That is why it is so important to go to the right Doctors who understand how to treat traumatic injuries. One of the most common side effects is arm or leg numbness. Numbness is secondary to something more seriously wrong, usually with your spine. But also, within the tissue within the arm or leg. Whatever the case may be, it is very important to have the right Doctor assess your symptoms accurately so proper treatment can be performed perfectly for long lasting results.

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