Worker’s Compensation

If you have been injured while on the job in the State of Wisconsin, then you should know that you are allowed to receive Health Benefits without paying any out of pocket expense to your Doctor. Over 98% of all injuries in the state of Wisconsin are allowed some form of benefit to remedy their pain and suffering or if they become permanently or partially disabled. If you want more information about your rights or just answers to other workers compensation questions and because of the complexities of the system, we will recommend that you visit the State web-site located at: to learn more about the workers compensation system. For our site, we will only focus on your rights as a patient.

What We Have To Offer

At Accident and Injury Rehab Center of Milwaukee, we have Physicians who have specialized in the field of Work Injuries for over 25 years working in numerous other states such as California and Illinois. This is important for several reasons; one is that you can count on an experienced team of staff and Physicians/Doctors who understand the system better than most. Your paper work and medical reports will be accurate, objective and timely. This is always good because it helps the insurance understand clearly your injury which ultimately helps you receive your disability benefits if you are off work. Two, we have years of experience working with these type of injuries whether it is a neck or back injury or something more extremity wrist, hand or knee based, we have all the state of the art equipment to embrace and design a highly specialized treatment program for you that is painless, feels good when you receive it, and is very enjoyable for you when you come to your treatment sessions. The best part is you get better.


It isn’t our goal to keep you off work, on the contrary, we want to get you back as soon as possible, however we will not do so at the detriment of hurting you more. We always carefully and completely look over your current health objectively and further, how you feel and whether or not you are improving as expected and then sit down with you personally discussing the options available and what we should do and what we recommend. We are very structured but like to listen to the concerns of our patients. We are goal oriented but not to the detriment of your health. Rest assured, we are on your side, not the insurance company. We will work the best that we can with your employer to find a good fit for a restriction based return to work program, but we want to be sure that you are ready when that time comes “if” your injury is more serious than most.

Some Important Steps To Take For A Successful Outcome To Your Workers Compensation Claim

Step 1: If you are hurt at work or become ill because of what you think is work-related exposure, you should immediately report your accident or ailment to your supervisor. Continue to keep your employer informed about any changes with your injury.

Step 2: If it is an emergency, you should seek first aid and medical attention immediately by going to the Hospital emergency room or call an ambulance. Once you have done this, then you may call our office and we will take care of the rest. If your treatment is less severe or life threatening but you are still suffering and need treatment, then call our office directly and schedule an appointment immediately and we can certainly take care of the rest.

Remember that delays can affect not only your health, but also possible compensation benefits. Your employer reports to its insurance company (or internal claims office if self-insured), who will report it to the Worker’s Compensation Division. You do not have to file a claim yourself if you reported the injury, they do this for you, it is the law. If you report the injury but they still don’t listen to you, report and file the injury or do not allow you proper medical care, CONTACT US and we will file the report on your behalf with your employer and get you moving forward with the proper treatment and care that you are allowed.

Medical Benefits And You

Your medical costs will be paid. If you are injured at work and go to a facility who understands Workers Compensation like we do, then your medical benefits will be covered. If you go to a facility that doesn’t understand the reporting process or disability and restriction notices that must be filled out timely and completed and signed by the Doctor, then you are possibly setting yourself up for a lot of headaches down the road, financial hardships and possibly having to pay for the Doctor visits and therapy.

Be certain to go to only experienced Physicians who understand the ins and outs of the Workers Compensation system. You wouldn’t go to a back specialist for a foot problem would you? Be smart when it comes to your work injuries. Call our office and treat with our facility if you are injured since we already have the experienced team in place, but certainly when you are finished with your care, you may go back to your Physician or Chiropractor or therapist if you chose to.

Here is a list of treatments and other things that we offer, that are covered under the workers compensation system:

  • All forms of PHYSICAL THERAPY
  • All forms of PHYSIO-THERAPY *(Ultrasound, Massage, E-Stim, etc)
  • Class 3b and Class 4 LASER-LITE THERAPY
  • UNWEIGHING SYSTEM’s w/ Treadmill
  • All forms of EXAM and X-RAY
  • DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and other Home Devices
We offer much more, but it is all covered because we understand the system and how to properly bill the things you may need for your care, without you ever having to get a bill from us.

Picking Your Own Doctor

You have the right to every type of treatment which is reasonable and necessary to cure you, as ordered by your doctor. This includes hospitalization, therapy, tests and prosthetic devices. Medicine is paid for as well, as is any reasonable travel expense necessary to receive treatment. But you also are allowed to choose your own Physician at least two times. After two, you must get approval from the insurance company and we can tell you with reasonable certainty that 99.9% of the time, they WILL NOT allow you to go somewhere a third time and choose a third Doctor, they will take over your care SO best to choose wisely. The insurance companies want complete control of your care in the first place and if they feel that further care is warranted, then they will send you to their own specialist most likely after they give you an Independent Medical Examination with one of their own Doctors. This is why it is so important to choose your work injury Doctor’s wisely from the start or you will be very sorry. This is why we recommend that you call us and come in for a free consultation, see our facility and meet some of our staff and see how you feel. We are pretty certain that once you are here, we will not only answer all your questions, but help you feel satisfied that you will finally receive good treatment with a competent team who knows the Workers Compensation system.

What If Your Injury Is Disputed

If you are having difficulty with your employer or you are not receiving the type of care you would like or just don’t know what to do, call our office and schedule an appointment to come down for a free consultation. We have been doing this a long time and will be able to assist you where we can. We cannot help you legally and recommend that you seek an attorney who is highly specialized in this field for that. But we will be able to talk with you about your injury, what steps to take and so forth and if your case has merit, we will often take the steps to process your paper work and get you in our system and on to treatment so that you may start feeling better and function normal again.

Providing that you get an attorney who also accepts your claim who can work with our office, we will treat your condition without any up front costs to you. You must sign an agreement with our office that we are to be paid our full bill at the end of your case once it settles. You will then not have to pay any up front costs. If you lose your case, you will still be responsible for your bills with our office unfortunately and will have to pay them. We offer payment programs that are reasonable if this is to occur but it does not happen very often. We will have provided a service for you though so we will need to be paid.

We again invite you to our facility and hope that you decide to utilize our services if you have been injured or are just looking for a facility that can take care of any long standing pain or neuromuscular health condition that you may have been experiencing.

For more information on workers compensation visit their site at or visit one of their locations noted below. The Department of Workforce Development does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the provision of services or in employment. If you need this printed material interpreted or in a different form, or if you need assistance in using this service, please contact us. Deaf, hearing or speech-impaired callers may reach us through the Wisconsin Telecommunication Relay System (WI TRS).

Here at Accident and Injury Rehab Center You Come First

Here at Accident and Injury Rehab Center You Come First

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