Accident and Injury Rehab Center has built its reputation on providing the very best services for accident and injury victims. Whether you have experienced a Work Injury or a Car Accident Injury, we have what it takes to get you well! We have invested in the very best equipment for your rehabilitation needs. Really it boils down to two parts; Rehabilitation Equipment that can measure all strengths and weakness medically speaking, and Physiotherapeutic Equipment such as World Class 25 Watt Laser with not one but four different wavelengths of strength for maximized stimulation into the injured tissue, the very best E-Stim such as Interferential, Russian and Galvanic Stimulation, Ultra sonic and Ultrasound Therapy and so much more.

Our services are only as good as the therapist or Doctor that provides the therapeutic measure. We know that you will be pleased with our personable service and kind and loving treatment. We will make you feel comfortable and secure because of our confidence in knowing what and how we are to take care of your injury needs.

Treatment and Services Offered



Depending on the seriousness of your condition or injury, we will assess your injuries and then determine whether or not it is necessary for you to be seen by one of our Medical Specialists. Ie., if you have a serious extremity injury that is beyond the scope of just therapeutic care, we will refer you over to our Orthopedic Group who have several specialists ready to serve you. Whether it is your knee, shoulder or ankle, there are several ready to assist that specialize on that very specific body part. You will be examined, treated specifically for your medical needs, prescribed appropriate and specific Prescription Medication and then referred back to our facility for further treatment. If surgery is necessary, then all applicable treatment needs will be applied at that time to prepare you.

For spinal injuries, we have a very caring and gentle Spine and Pain Management Group who assists us with all spinal trauma if there is need for Medical Intervention. They will also be sure that you are treated with respect and have a very gentle and caring attitude towards you, respecting all your medical needs. Prescribed Medications will be provided and further Medical Intervention with Spinal Injections, will be performed only on a limited basis and of course, as needed. Their injection method is simply the best in the industry utilizing fluoroscope guidance injection method allowing perfect distribution of the medicine every time injected. The series of injections is usually pain free with little, if any, down time. Sometimes, there could be slight discomfort, however, the after effects of the procedure outweighs by far, not having the procedure at all.

In short, we know that you will be pleased by our Medical attention and our Medical Team that are ready and willing to serve you.


Often when there is injury’s either in the spine, or extremity, we will find that the internal bones will be partially displaced causing pinched nerves in the spine, or extremity with further joint pain and clicking in the extremity joints because of the misalignment. When this is found, it is necessary for the Chiropractic Physician to assess the misalignment and properly align the displaced vertebrae or extremity bone, back into its proper position, so that the joint can heal. When there is injury, the bones that are displaced, will often be because of ligamentous disruption stretching this fibrous fascia beyond its normal range into a Grade I, II, or III Sprain that then leaves the joint vulnerable for further pain and bony misalignment. Whether in the spine or in the extremity, the bone needs to be manipulated back with what we call a “Chiropractic Manipulative Therapeutic” procedure or (CMT). The biggest mistake made with an injured patient and most therapy facilities, is that they begin rehabilitation or Physical Therapy right away without modality use such as e-stim or ultrasound, laser, etc…and they try to perform therapy on the joints that have misalignments and do not correct them because they do not know how. The patient NEVER gets better because of the vertebral subluxation or the misaligned bone either in the spine or in the extremity leaving the patient still with pain after months of Physical Therapy.

At Accident and Injury Rehab Center, you will get the very best in treatment, and diagnosis, making sure that CMT procedures are implemented within your treatment protocol as needed. This way, your Physical Therapy will be built upon a solid foundation allowing you to heal properly with chances of very little, if any, future problems long term or ongoing pain.

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy Department is run by our Licensed and Board Certified Physical Therapist. With the assistance of several Licensed and Certified Therapists, we are able to assist all your therapy needs appropriately and efficiently, pain free and without frustration. We are careful to listen to your specific concerns and needs. We will plot out a tried and proven program for your specific needs and along the way, if you are unhappy with any care being administered, we will stop and listen to your concerns and then redirect or alter your therapeutic program to suit your specific needs. It is important for us to do what we need to do to accomplish the outcomes we know need to be completed, but we also desire you to be happy and comfortable with your program while we work together.

We have over 1000 square feet of different equipment with treadmills, specialized bikes, cable machines, vibration plates, dumbbells’, hand and wrist equipment, leg extension, hamstring machines, hip machines, neck and back exercise equipment and much much more. We have thought of every specific need therapeutically, that we could think of. Quite simply, we have all your specific injury needs, right here at Accident and Injury Rehab Center.

Physiotherapeutic Modalities

Modality use is often overlooked at most therapy centers which we believe to be a big mistake! We are of the opinion that using different forms of modalities or physiotherapy will make you feel better and assist you, the patient, in healing much quicker and more efficiently, if applied correctly. It helps reduce the swelling and pain when used often. Most therapy centers may use a hot pack or some simple stimulation but we often find, they use nothing and perform mainly exercise protocols. We believe that the most important thing we can offer, is initial care using only modalities in most cases, to reduce your pain and inflammation or swelling from the injury. Modalities such as Ultrasound, Muscle Stimulation, Cold Laser Therapy or Infrared, Diathermy or Hot/Cold Packs and many different forms of muscle stimulation such as Galvanic Muscle Stimulation, Interferential Current Stimulation, Direct Stimulation, Russian Stimulation depending on the injury or injury site, etc.. will help reduce the pain, the swelling and truly prepare you for the next phase of care, namely, Rehabilitation or Therapeutic Exercise. This next phase would be the machines and exercise above we previously talked about.

At Accident and Injury Rehab Center, we only use tried and tested protocols that work best for your injury outcomes, with a comfortable and satisfying feel. We are confident that you will be pleased with your treatment provided.

Regional Massage Therapy

Instead of performing a one to one and a half hour massage, we utilize our limited time performing what is called a regional massage or Myofascial Release to the area of injury only. This is namely what is needed, not a full body massage.

After you have performed your Physical Therapy and received some of the modality care, we end your treatment with a “Regional Massage.” This allows us to remove any toxic fluid build up from the exercise, or lactic acid build up from other treatment or exercise. Often, we find that the patient will be experiencing trigger points, (localized muscle spasm), in the area or muscle that was injured. Performing this regional work allows us to loosen up the muscle that is in spasm, or is hurting, causing secondary problems for you. Our certified therapists will work the muscle area by hand using different medicated oils and lotions for your comfort and for healing. The entire process of regional work is usually anywhere from 8-15 minutes depending on the circumstance. It is also a refreshing way to end the treatment for the day.

We understand the importance for your comfort and happiness with your treatment. At Accident and Injury Rehab Center, we make sure to have you experience the very best we can give.

Class III And IV Lasers

There is much research and study on laser light therapy. Light therapy, depending of course on the wavelength, could be very healing. The wavelength is what determines the depth ratio into the tissue and therefore, it is important to utilize the right laser. We have the very best laser machines that perform at many different wavelengths for superficial and deeper therapeutic measure. These are very powerful lasers and very useful for accelerating the healing of the injury, particularly with injuries which just do not seem to be getting better, the laser is perfect for this!

Light therapy as well, can be very rewarding when applied. The more powerful lasers must be performed with goggles or eyewear for protection and the CLASS III lasers can be performed most often without, however, we make sure all patients wear eye protection with CLASS III as well. Quite simply, at Accident and Injury Rehab Center, we have determined the most important type of therapeutic adjuncts for injury care and laser care is certainly the most cutting edge and will routinely be utilized with your treatment protocols at our center.

Digital X-Ray

We have on site, a digital x-ray system and two board certified and licensed Radiological Technicians that are able to perform at any time, digital x-rays per the demands of the clinic director. Having a system like this becomes very handy for initial and follow-up x-rays when needed. It is quick, safe and reliable when used properly and when needed. Most other facilities that perform therapy, do not have this convenience and therefore, you must go to a Hospital or your primary Physician to refer you out for one at an x-ray/MRI center to get them done. Not at our center, we provide this as a convenience for all our injury patients.

Simply put, we are the best in the industry when it comes to convenience and satisfied patients. Accident and Injury Rehab Center, your number one injury facility in all of Wisconsin.

Work Conditioning or Work Hardening

From time to time, a patient will be ordered by the doctor to perform a work conditioning or work hardening protocol from either their Doctor, our Clinic Director, or from one of our Medical Providers. This is a specialized program that prepares you for your job position. In other words, let’s say you injured your lower spine and did not quite get back to full pre-injury status. You plateaued with your care and were not getting any better after receiving physical therapy and medical attention. You now are ordered to perform a work conditioning program. This could also come from the medical provider that performed surgery on you and is now asking for a work conditioning program. You then, must perform for 2-4 week, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, a work conditioning program that will better prepare you for your position at work. This means applying different exercises, cardio work, bending and stooping and lifting exercises, over and over, to help strengthen your core and your injured body part, what ever it might be. Our Doctors and Therapists will evaluate your work that you are expected to perform and then the work conditioning program is put together surrounding this very important information, to prepare you for your back to work order.

After 30 days of this conditioning program, you are then re-evaluated and then sent over for an FCE or Functional Capacity Evaluation. This allows the Doctor to see your performance with a 4 hour capacity evaluation at your best output. This will be what your final work restrictions will be. We then release you back to work with the permanent work restrictions allowing you to go back into the work force but with the proper restrictions needed for you to be successful. At times, unfortunately, the restrictions will be too much and disallow you to return. This is when it is necessary for you to go through what we call VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION and learn a new trade. But the conditioning exercise program, is a perfect start to a better ending with your work injury. Keep in mind that this conditioning will not apply to you if you have been injured in a car, in most cases.

In short, understand that going to Accident and Injury Rehab Center is the only place for your work injury treatment and work conditioning. Your number one place to go in the mid-west.

Durable Medical Equipment

We have partnered up with an outside company that distributes and takes care of all our Durable Medical Equipment needs. WE DO NOT CARRY DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ON SITE NOR DO WE DISTRIBUTE IT THROUGH OUR COMPANY. We use a third party company that has been in the business for a number of years and allows our Doctors to prescribe the very best equipment you can buy, for home use for all your injury needs. Often, the insurance company gets involved and distributes very cheap and inexpensive home equipment so that they can save money. We certainly respect that and understand that sometimes, that is necessary. However, with our facility, we will only utilize the very best equipment! This will be for pain control, bracing for injuries to extremities and spine, pumps and other cold units for post-surgeries, IF and TENs units, exercise equipment and so forth. It is important for you to have equipment for home use as it stipulates you are allowed, in the worker’s compensation statutes of Wisconsin. Our Doctors will prescribe this for your home use of therapy as we are suppose to do. DME is usually only provided for work injury patient’s, however, we also provide this for our Personal Injury patient’s as well. This means, car accident, motor cycle accidents, bus accidents, slip and falls, etc.. where third party insurance is involved.

Accident and Injury Rehab Center, your number one resource for the very best Durable Medical Equipment for your injury needs.

Home Exercise Program

During your stay with us, and part of your treatment protocol, we will implement almost right away, within the first 2 weeks of care with us, a “Home Exercise Program” that you may do some simple exercises and stretches at home. This is so important for many reasons, but most commonly, because it allows you to accelerate your healing. Further, if you experience a more serious injury and need surgery, your post-surgical protocol will most definitely have a good HEP as part of your post-surgical treatment. The HEP is regulated by our clinic director and our certified therapists so if for any reason, something isn’t working for you, then you can easily talk with us about your concerns and we can easily change the home care protocols that may not be working for you. It is important to us that you perform these protocols most every day, but what is most important, is your happiness and commitment to the accepted outcome that is expected.

At Accident and Injury Rehab Center, we are always making sure that your Home Exercise Program will be the very best for you.

Here at Accident and Injury Rehab Center You Come First

Here at Accident and Injury Rehab Center You Come First

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Questions? Drop us a line